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Opening hours today

The Axis alley from the chateau to the Všestudy and the road from autocamp to the chateau will be closed due to reapirs.| On May 27 the horse carriage will be out of order.


Pavilon Marie Terezie

A long route will show you a large part of the chateau complex that once used to be a river island. You will walk across the park, which covers almost 300 hectares, and...

Socha boha Marta

The extensive landscape park, which surrounds the chateau, invites you for a walk. If you choose this medium-long route, you will discover its hidden locations where you...

Chrám obránců vlasti a přátel zahrad a venkova

Go to the closest surroundings of the chateau and discover the part of the landscape chateau park. This short walk will take you around the deer-park, where the romantic...