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 Welcome on official web site of Veltrusy chateau and park

Chateau Veltrusy

Summer seat of the count Chotek family built on isle on Vltava river. Isle was step by step transformed in large landscape park so-called ornamented farm. On this place get its place flood-plain forest, water channel with many of blind branches, alley, sculptures, pavilions, fruit groves or farm. Inside Chateau there are rich interiors with valued wallpapers, tours guide you also in kitchen garden and greenhouses with originally preserved channel heating system and historical flower assortment.

You can visit:


In chateau interior /in northwest wing/ you can visit guide tour "Aristocracy: Beginning of the end".
Since 2008 you can explore the landscape park with a guide on bicycle.
Exterior guyde tour around the chateau with narration about history and atractions of the park. 
The Exhibition "Historical carriages"
We are sorry but the main building is closed.