Rococo villa in a ferme ornée.

Veltrusy, set in a large landscape park, is called the Rococo pearl of the Lower Vltava river, The park contains exotic woods and a number of romantic follies, as well as a touch of rural peasant idyll in the form of fields and pastures.

An integral part of the concept of the park is also the opportunity to see forest animals here, whether in the park itself, or in the still functional fallow field.

The Rococo summer residence of the Chotek family was established on an island in the Vltava. The area was gradually transformed into a landscape park with a floodplain forest, fallow deer game preserve, water channel, allées, statues, pavilions, orchards and fields. Veltrusy is the largest protected historic park in the country, a natural monument and a Natura 2000 site. The saltire-cross shaped villa contains ornate interiors with unique wallpaper and other Chinoiserie. The cour d’honneur is enclosed by statues of the twelve months and four seasons by Braun's workshop. The first trade fair in the world – the Large Market of Goods of Bohemia – was held here on the occasion of a visit by Empress Maria Theresa. The estate can be explored on by bicycle or via the an independent educational geo-location game. Every year a competitive exhibition of roses, the Harvest Festival of Count Chotek, sporting events, concerts and more are organized here.The Schola Naturalis eduction centre, focused on the cultural landscape, is gradually being established here.

The Veltrusy estate boasts the largest natural landscape park in the Czech Republic. It is a unique example of a ferme ornée (ornamental farm) type park, an 18th century concept for noble rural farming.