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Info Coronavirus: In accordance with government regulations, the Estate of Veltrusy is closed until further notice.


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Detailed informations about parking, wheelchair access and bicycle options.


The way to the castle from the parking lot at Obora camp (P2)

The way to the castle from the parking lot near the graveyard in Veltrusy (P1)

Parking lot for wheelchair users and persons with reduced mobility



Access to the castle

The main entrance leads from the parking lot in Veltrusy. The road surface in the park is uneven and unpaved.

It is more convenient to use the entrance from Obora camp, which allows you to reach the reserved parking lot for the wheelchair users within the premises about 100 m from the castle courtyard. Straight and partly asphalt roads leads from there.

Ticket office and toilets

They have barrier-free access. Ladies and men's toilets have a cabin adapted for visitors with limited mobility.

The exhibition "Scales, measures, weights at the chateau will show you"

Barrier-free is only the ground floor of the exhibition, it is necessary to overcome only a 17 cm high staircase (there are removable wooden ramps that can be arranged upon agreement). To the upper floor with the interactive part of the exhibition only the steep and narrow stairs lead.

The historic horse carriages exhibition

The exhibition is barrier-free.

"The aristocracy: Beginning of the end" tour

The tour is located on the first floor of the northwest wing of the chateau. The staircase can be overcome by means of a "stair-climber", which is only available upon prior arrangement.

- Only hand trucks (not electric)
- max. weight of the transported person incl. truck: 130kg
- max wheelbase width (tire gauge): 60cm
- max. width (axial distance) of upper handles: 52cm
- we can transfare a person to a suitable cart (available)

"Small exposition about the grand history of the chateau complex" tour

It is an outdoor tour along the park roads and unpaved terrain.

The Rudolf Hall and the ground floor of the northwest wing of the chateau with chapel - spaces where weddings and cultural events take its place.

Both rooms are wheelchair accessible. (Except for a 16 cm high staircase in front of the entrance hall of Rudolf's Hall.)

Restaurant and café

Access to the castle restaurant and the café is wheelchair accessible.


The cyclists are permited to enter the castel´s park. The only limitation is in the courtyard at the chateau, where it is necessary to lead the bicycle. There are bicycle stands in front the entrances to the Honorary Court and infront of the ticket office.

The chateau complex directly intersects the cycle path that runs along the Vltava river. If you go to the bike, we recommend you to visit a guided tour of the cycling tour, which will take you through the hidden corners of the park and familiarize you with local history and romantic pavilions.

Child care facilities

Zámek disponuje přebalovacím pultem, který naleznete v prostoru dámských toalet v severovýchodním křídle zámku - vstup z čestného dvora.