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Severozápadní křídlo zámku, okruh Aristokracie: začátek konce

Educational tour Aristocracy: The beginning of the end offers a glimpse into the life and fate of the last owners of the Veltrusy chateau Karel and Livie Chotek. They came to live on the estate at the invitation of count Arnošt Chotek, in 1921. He was the last of the Veltrusy family line, was never married and childless. History of the Choteks' family as well as these authentic surroundings would help us to acquaint ourselves with the role of nobility in the administration of the state and its lifestyle.

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  • this tour is available today 10.00–15.30
  • 100 CZK, foreign-language 200 CZK (full admission) Buy ticket
  • duration 45 minutes
  • unlimited
  • reservation recommended

The War of the Bavarian Succession (1778 - 1779) is better known in the Czech folk tradition as a potato war or in German Zwetschgenrummel, a plum war. General Gideon Ernst von Laudon was a legendary Austrian military commander who stayed at the Veltrusy chateau several times during this short conflict.

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  • this tour is available today 10.15–15.15
  • 90 CZK, tour in CZ only with a printed guide in EN (full admission)
  • duration 20 minutes
  • max. 15 people
  • reservation recommended

Discover romantic corners of the park dotted with picturesque pavilions, count multiple bridges across the Mill brook, admire wild deciduous forest with grazing fallow deer and enjoy a peaceful view of local fields, meadows and orchards. All this and more can be seen on the guided tour through the sprawling Veltrusy chateau park.

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  • this tour is available today 10.00–15.00
  • Guided tour in Czech - 90 CZK, Guided tour in EN - 140 CZK (full admission) Buy ticket
  • duration 105 minutes
  • max. 19 people
  • reservation recommended

Return of horses into the restored stables brought back the tradition of sightseeing rides in the horse-drawn carriage through the chateau park. Experience the park in a different way in the good company of our two horses, Andy and Nesango. Perfect for families, groups, weddings, company gatherings and more.

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  • this tour is available today 12.00–16.15
  • Short trip/one way - 50 CZK (15 min.) , Sightseeing trip/one way - 200 CZK (30 min.) (full admission)
  • duration 15 minutes
  • max. 12 people
  • reservation recommended

Historic horse-drawn carriages, a coach, buggies, horse drawn hearse or butcher's sleigh among others comprise a fleet of vehicles that could be typically seen on the medium size estate such as Veltrusy in 18th - 19th century. Collection is housed in the early baroque barn of the farmyard.

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  • this tour is available today 10.00–16.00
  • 60 CZK, no guide (full admission) Buy ticket
  • duration 40 minutes
  • unlimited
  • reservation not necessary